Fire Extinguishers

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We inspect and certify most brands of commercial kitchen fire suppression systems

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Your Source for Fire Extinguishers.

We have a fire extinguisher for every need.  We offer consultation to be sure you choose the right type of fire extinguisher from our selection of Co2, Halotron and more.  We are based in Clinton IA and we offer free delivery in the surrounding areas.  We also offer free training in the best ways to protect yourself from fire and in the use of our fire extinguishers.

We Sell, Maintain, and Inspect Your Fire Extinguishers.

  • We help your business prevent major fires.
  • We help meet insurance company requirements.
  • We provide annual/monthly inspections, service, recharging, hydrotests, and meet six year maintenance requirements.
  • We give "hands on" classes to businesses and schools.